About Courses You Present

Have you ever found yourself needing to develop a workshop in horribly tight timescales? It’s important that it’s produced to a high standard, but you simply haven’t got the time to do the research and grunt work needed to produce a quality design with credible persuasive content that leaves you feeling confident?

That’s exactly the problem that Course YOU Present is designed to solve.

We know how time consuming it is to research and design a 2.5 hour workshop that:
• Incorporates the latest thinking and research.
• Is backed up by stats and examples.
• Includes relevant stories to bring it alive.
• Has a design with good symmetry and cadence.
• Is both engaging and enjoyable for participants.
• Is good at helping people to try new tools or ways of approaching things, and ultimately to up their game, and
• Is suitable for in-person events or for delivery in a virtual classroom.
Perhaps counter-intuitively, we have found that designing a top-drawer 2.5 hour workshop is a lot harder than designing a one day event!

Not an experienced presenter?

We realise how daunting it can be to present a 2.5 hour workshop.
You will be relieved to know that these materials contain easy to follow speaker notes with clear visual prompts and were originally designed for people with limited facilitation experience.
Those people told us that our course materials enabled them to feel confident in an unfamiliar environment and some of them even enjoyed doing it! Crucially, these materials helped both inexperienced and veteran facilitators to deliver commercial results with their teams.

Q/ What exactly do I get for my money?

A/ EVERYTHING you need to run high quality training – either in-person or in a virtual classroom – check out the video to see what this comprises:

About Matthew Gregory, Founder


Matthew has been working in the field of Learning & Development, sales training/ coaching and personal and organisation change for over 25 years. The majority of that has been with large corporates – most recently he spent nine years as a Senior Manager at KPMG working in various L&D, coaching and facilitation roles before starting his first business in 2007.
During those 25 years, Matthew has designed countless workshops ranging from full-on 12 month transformation programmes through to two hour workshops. Through successes as well as failures, Matthew has used that vast experience to design high quality courseware that’s intended to make you feel confident.
Along with 25+ years’ experience, Matthew also brings a strong academic foundation – he has a first class honours degree in Business Studies and a Master’s degree in Change Agent Skills & Strategies, which is a highly practical programme focusing on advanced coaching and facilitation skills and post-conventional approaches to leading change within organisations. Additionally, he is a Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and a Member of both the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management and the Strategic Account Management Association.
Matthew has taken a good dose of the personal development medicine that he freely dispenses to others and has been trained in the following personal and organisation development approaches: Systemic Coaching & Constellations, Gestalt Psychology, NLP, Human Systems Dynamics, Transactional Analysis and Psychosynthesis. These psychological models underpin his thinking and approaches.