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A top quality consulting skills and selling high value solutions tool kit comprising 40 tools

Choose either a digital download only or throw in a hard copy as well – you’ll get an A5, bound, colour printed toolkit mailed directly to you. They are very portable and it’s surprisingly useful being able to refer to a hard copy document in preparation for significant client interactions, debriefing and analysing what happened afterwards or simply using it to stay in a place of continual improvement and learning.

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This Toolkit and set of Performance Aids comprehensively covers a number of skill areas, such as Commercial, Interpersonal and Operational in great detail, but in a highly practical manner - from Assessment to Interpretation and then Action. Companies of all sizes can benefit from this; we have found it challenging to identify suitable opportunities for development in measurable, tangible ways. This toolkit will prove to be a valuable investment and a powerful companion to our business development programmes. There are a wide array of business tool-kits available, and this is a highly credible offering.

Jon Burke Marketing Director Toolkit and Performance Aids March 2, 2017

M1 Qualifying sales opportunities, planning for & analysing client interactions

  • Opportunity assessment & qualification matrix.
  • Client interaction planning & debriefing.
  • Assessing whether we achieved a good meeting outcome.

M2 Advanced questioning & conversational skills

  • Six conversational smoothing skills.
  • Sales questioning approach.

M3 Talking without boring

  • Viewing the world from your client’s perspective.
  • Proposing strategies approach.

M4 The politics of buying decisions

  • Working with Procurement checklist.
  • Identifying, understanding and legitimately influencing people involved in buying decisions.

M5 Negotiation & addressing client concerns

  • Assessing how well I’m doing in the 3 negotiation stages.
  • Negotiation planning tool.
  • Handling client concerns.
  • Negotiation analysis tool.

M6 Value based pricing

  • Assessing the value you are adding to your clients.
  • How to talk to your client about value pricing.
  • Pricing options with pros & cons.

M7 Journey to trusted adviser

  • Assessing where you are on the journey to trusted adviser.
  • The trust equation explored in depth.

M8 Understanding people styles

  • People styles questionnaire.
  • People styles score grid.
  • People styles model in overview.
  • Relating to the four styles.

M9 Impact in informal interactions

  • Personal impact model.
  • Communication tactics.
  • STAR approach to succinctly talking about your achievements.

M10 Networking and working the room

  • Networking – what is it, why bother and how to do it purposefully.
  • Identifying who is in your network and choosing where to focus effort.
  • Preparing for a networking event.
  • Handling the common challenges of business socials.

M11 Business networking using social media for large organisations

  • Using know-like-trust principles in a social-media networking context.
  • Doing a targeted contact search on LinkedIn.
  • Organic ways to network using social media.

M12 Impact in presentations

  • Options for delivering your message with pros & cons.
  • Structuring a presentation.
  • Handling the Q&A part of presentations.

M13 Initiating, protecting & strengthening relationships

  • Options for approaching targets with pros & cons.
  • Writing sales emails & letters that grab attention.
  • Client and project feedback form.
  • Client account plan – comprehensive.
  • Two page account plan.