Business Networking Using Social Media for Large Organisations

Value generated by this module – participants will:

  1. Know the utter criticality of using social media to building both a reputation and a network.
  2. Make informed choices about which social media tools are most appropriate for achieving their goals.
  3. Apply the Know, Like, Trust principle to using social media tools.
  4. Appreciate how to initiate new connections using social media platforms in a way that is appropriate when you are selling high value services.
  5. Use social media platforms to attract new prospects.

Key Content Covered:

  • Building professional reputation.
  • What we mean by business networking using social media and why bother with it.
  • Building your network on social media.
  • How participating in social media groups can create new networking opportunities.
  • Rules of Engagement/Best practice for communicating on social media.
  • Writing bespoke connection invitations.
  • Guidelines for creating ad using videos on social media.
  • How and why Tweet & Share and like.
  • Using Keywords and hashtags.

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Business Networking Using Social Media for Large Organisations – Tools

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Tools Included:

  1. Using know-like-trust principles in a social-media networking context.
  2. Doing a targeted contact search on LinkedIn.
  3. Organic ways to network using social media.
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