Initiating, Protecting and Strengthening Relationships

Value generated by this module – participants will:

  1. Appreciate the options they have for making contact with targets and the pros and cons of each.
  2. Understand the recipe for writing high impact invitations to connect.
  3. Realistically assess how delighted clients are with your organisation.
  4. Know the utter criticality of addressing the issues that are causing a relationship to deteriorate.
  5. Use tactics to keep a relationship warm when no engagements are running.

Key Content Covered:

  • Different ways of making contact with targets with pros and cons of each.
  • Writing emails/ letters/ InMails (sales communications) that grab attention.
  • Excellence in client service.
  • Signs of a deteriorating relationship.
  • Protecting and strengthening relationships.
  • Tactics to keep a relationship warm when there are no engagements running.
  • Re-establishing a relationship that has gone cold or sour.

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Initiating, Protecting and Strengthening Relationships – Tools

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Tools Included:

  1. Options for approaching targets with pros & cons.
  2. Writing sales communications (emails/ letters/ LinkedIn InMail) that grab attention.
  3. Client and project feedback document.
  4. Comprehensive account plan.
  5. Two page account plan.
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