Journey to Trusted Advisor

Value generated by this module – participants will:

  1. Appreciate the stages that relationships go through.
  2. Understand both the commercial and personal value of trusted relationships.
  3. Know the elements that both build and dissolve trust.
  4. Realise that building trusted relationships involves a deeply personal journey, where you need to get your ego in check and be able to give of yourself.
  5. Assess where they are on the journey to developing the personal capacity for having trusted relationships.

Key Content Covered:

  • Building trusted relationships.
  • Trust equation.
  • Credibility explored.
  • Reliability explored.
  • Intimacy explored.
  • Self-orientation explored.
  • Stages in the evolution of a client-adviser relationship.
  • Assessing whether your client wants a trusted adviser relationship.
  • Commercial value of having trusted client relationships.
  • Questionnaire to assess where you are on the journey to becoming a trusted adviser.

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Journey to Trusted Advisor – Tools

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Tools Included:

  1. Assessing where you are on the journey to trusted adviser.
  2. The trust equation explained in depth.
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