Qualifying Sales Opportunities

Value generated by this module – participants will:

  1. Be clear about the investment costs involved in pursuing a sales opportunity.
  2. Apply robust criteria to assess your current likelihood of winning an opportunity.
  3. Identify where to take action to increase your likelihood of winning an opportunity.
  4. Make an informed decision about whether to (keep) pursuing an opportunity.
  5. Have a rigorous planning approach to maximise value from client interactions.

Key Content Covered:

  • ​Qualifying sales opportunities.
  • Bid no-bid decision tree.
  • Planning for client interactions.
  • Debriefing client interactions.
  • Client interaction planner.
  • Preparing stories.

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Qualifying Sales Opportunities – Tools

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Tools Included:

  1. Opportunity assessment & qualification matrix.
  2. Client interaction planning & debriefing.
  3. Assessing whether we achieved a good meeting outcome.
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