Value Based Pricing

Value generated by this module – participants will:

  1. Know what a value-based approach to pricing is and why it has huge attractions.
  2. Appreciate the conditions that are necessary for a value based approach to pricing to succeed.
  3. Realise that a value based approach to pricing is deeply personal, evoking a lot of emotions and unless you work with those effectively you will always struggle with it.
  4. Articulate the value that your organisation brings to clients.
  5. Have a tool that helps them talk to clients about a value-based approach to pricing.
  6. Appreciate the range of pricing options available and the pros and cons of each.

Key Content Covered:

  • Value pricing defined.
  • A tool for assessing the value you are adding to clients.
  • The conditions necessary for a value based approach to pricing to succeed.
  • A model for talking to your clients about a value based approach to pricing.
  • Value based pricing options with pros and cons.

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Value Based Pricing – Tools

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Tools Included:

  1. Assessing the value you are adding to your clients.
  2. How to talk to your client about value pricing.
  3. Pricing options with pros & cons.
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