Employed Learning & Development Professionals

You are probably an experienced trainer/ facilitator. Your internal clients value your understanding of your organisation’s strategy and culture. This gives you a credibility in front of a group.

You design a lot of your own materials and you know how time consuming it is to research and design a workshop that:
• Incorporates the latest thinking and research.
• Is fortified by stats and examples.
• Includes relevant stories to bring it alive.
• Has a design with good symmetry and cadence.
• Is both engaging and enjoyable for participants.
• Is good at helping people to try new tools or ways of approaching things, and ultimately to up their game, and
• Is suitable for in-person events or for delivery in a virtual classroom.

Like many organisations you are probably thinking about or are already running shorter more frequent learning experiences. Perhaps counter-intuitively, we have found that designing a high calibre 2 hour workshop is a lot harder than designing a one day event!

Have you ever found yourself needing to develop a workshop in horribly tight timescales? It’s important that it’s produced to a high standard, because that’s what your internal clients expect from you, but you simply haven’t got the time to do the research needed to produce a quality design that leaves you feeling confident?

That’s exactly the problem that Course YOU Present is designed to solve.

That was exactly the problem that Megan faced when she was grabbed by the Sales Director at one of her clients and asked to deliver, at extremely short notice, some business critical training for their international sales team. Click here to read how Courses You Present were able to help Megan and her client.

Want to be able to edit the materials to incorporate your branding and tools? We know how frustrating it can be when you buy a download and it comes in a pdf and is bafflingly difficult to edit. All our materials are produced in MS Word and PowerPoint, making it easy to tailor the materials to fit your context. If you haven’t got the time to do this, we can even do that for you as one of our additional services.

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Tim Neal – ARCADIS

Mathew worked with us to develop our Account Leader development programme and account management toolkit. He provided and produced high quality content and approaches that were seamlessly integrated with elements of our own approaches to create a bespoke and powerful Build Asset Consultancy approach to client development and relationship management. A pleasure to work with.

Tim Neal Global Director, Buildings - ARCADIS December 18, 2016