SME business owners or leaders

As a business owner, you understand the need to drive profitable sales but you are often reliant on others who maybe don’t share your passion and skills. So how do you address this? Let’s look at the solutions …

Option one: train and brief the teams that play a vital role play in delivering your sales growth.

Easier said than done. The chances are you don’t have an internal training specialist. Although you’ve got the passion and conviction to do it yourself, how do you find the time to research, design and execute training that will galvanise your teams to up their sales game? All this when you’ve got your own sales activity to take care of as well as running the business.

Option two: outsource it.

This is likely to be both time consuming and expensive. Moreover, will this give you the autonomy to deliver the change you are looking for?

Option three: invest in proven, high quality training materials and conduct the training yourself.

This sounds great – but is it even an option?

This is precisely the need we set out to meet. Courses YOU Present offer comprehensive training materials that empower business owners and leaders to deliver incisive and impactful two hour workshops, covering all aspects of selling high value services and can be delivered in either a face to face or virtual classroom setting.

Not an experienced presenter?

Presenting a 2 hour workshop can be a daunting proposition.

  • You will be relieved to know that these materials contain easy to follow speaker notes with clear visual prompts.
  • What’s more, these materials were originally designed for people with limited facilitation experience.
  • Crucially, these materials helped both inexperienced and veteran facilitators to deliver commercial results with their teams.

Want to be able to edit the materials to incorporate your branding and tools?

We know how frustrating it can be when you buy a download and it comes in a pdf and is bafflingly difficult to edit. All our materials are produced in MS Word and PowerPoint, making it easy to tailor the materials to fit your context. If you haven’t got the time to do this, we can even do that for you as one of our additional services.

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Tim Neal – ARCADIS

Mathew worked with us to develop our Account Leader development programme and account management toolkit. He provided and produced high quality content and approaches that were seamlessly integrated with elements of our own approaches to create a bespoke and powerful Build Asset Consultancy approach to client development and relationship management. A pleasure to work with.

Tim Neal Global Director, Buildings - ARCADIS December 18, 2016